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Stories that include thankfulness

The Missed Call

“Can I call you later?” We often say to people. We often also say it to our true callings. Mansee Shah Thard shares the story of one such “missed call”.... Read More

The Healthcare Clown

Healthcare clowning is no laughing matter. Latvian national Igor Narovski shares how he uses healthcare clowning to create moments of hope for patients and families battling their worst fears and...... Read More

The Dance of Death

Everything ends. Even addiction to comic books. Even Pinki and Billu. Even Doga. Watch Ashutosh Kumar evolving his perspective on “ends” and face the illusion.... Read More

The Good Word Sorry

College drama is always entertaining. Many years after leaving college, Atul Jain recalls an action-packed incident from his campus life. Watch and go back to the days of innocence-fuelled duels....... Read More


Nothing’s constant – one’s age, personality, and relationships change. So do one’s religion and faith system. Farida Dariwala dives and floats through a maze of them – always with warmth,...... Read More


Mom’s first steps are as hard as those of the baby. And need as much support, strength, and solidarity. Watch Poonam Madaan take it in her stride and marvel at...... Read More

The Afghan Child

Children inspire. Azhar Haque, who works in Afghanistan for education, speaks of a little Afghan girl who rises with the sun and stands with the mountains. Watch and bless the...... Read More


Even Goddesses don’t have it that simple. Finding your inner goddess is a continuous process. Watch Swati Bhatt share her thick and thin and accept your inner divine. Mention Not...... Read More


Often we arrive at abrupt endings that kick us out of our fairy tales. Some of us restart easily. Others struggle. Very few like Neeraja embrace the awakening and rewrite...... Read More

Finding Home

Hometown ain’t geography. It’s merely a town that feels like home. Family is folks whose hearts beat with you. So, travel and find all your possible homes and families. Watch...... Read More

Falling Through Cracks: Swapnil Dixit

Not much to say today… except that sometimes people just slip through our fingers. Swapnil remembers a flickering flame that burnt bright. Watch and hold tight!... Read More

The Hometown: Ishteyak Khan

Chasing your dream on a wing and a prayer requires rock-solid people who believe you deserve it. Accompany Ishteyak Khan in his journey from being an egg-seller in Panna, Madhya...... Read More

Risk Analysis: Nilansha Tiwari

Should we help? A stranger? When it involves risk? What if we feel cheated afterward? Is good samaritan a myth? Watch Nilansha Tiwari perform a so-called faulty risk-analysis in life,...... Read More